Food for thought

I want to write about something I have been thinking a lot about lately. Food, more specifically organic food. Over the last few years, I’ve become more aware of the dangers of GMOs, soy, fluoride and imported foods. By no means am I an expert. Just a Mother trying to keep my kids healthy. My children’s father is probably my biggest influencer, he has a masters in kinesiology and teaches holistic medicine. His whole life is dedicated to natural life style. He also does a podcast in nutrition called eategrity and wizeguy_jfd, check out the recipes and tips, if you like!

JF has been raising our children completely organic for years. He teaches meditation and yoga as well, my kids are really into this life style, and sometimes say they don’t want to eat  something I didn’t cook, so out of respect for the lifestyle they want, we are fininishing my eating transition. So those few little things that have helped a lot with motivation!

My advice for newbie gardening: This summer will be my 3rd year gardening, it’s been a learning curve, but so rewarding. A few foods to start with in a small backyard are peas, strawberries, spinach, tomatoes and beans. Most of this is plant and grow and my strawberries grew back from the year before, two years perennial, I believe. I love getting fresh spinach all summer from my yard. With trying to move this summer, I may have to hold off but once we’re settled, I’ll definitely be in the yard! This is one of my motivating factors to live a bit out of the core of the city. I want to have more focus on health and slow things down! I’m always up for advice and learning from people who have knowledge, I definitely can’t give any real advice other than what I have experienced for myself. So just try those easy fruits and veggies first.

Meditation and yoga: Great for us, even better for kids. Fights depression, and forces you to focus on you, your breathing, body and mind. If money is tight, try a work shop or even a yoga book. Baby steps! So much of our energy is misplaced on trivial things, refocus on just breaking the repeating cycle. For me, swimming is also a great break.

My final thought; live without regret. I’m never hard on myself, if I fuck up, oh well, if I eat too much or too little, whatever, if I want to cruise Pinterest and drink a bottle of wine, meh, not one moment of regret or thought. The main stress and critic in life is yourself, and nobody else is judging you, they’re too busy trying to sort themselves out, so refocus on positive things and drown out any self-deprecating thought! A hundred generations of imperfect lovers made you out of pure love. Most of those people thought their babies were perfect and vowed to love them unconditionally. You are love. Cute, right? Remember that and take care!

Here is my Vaughn, he loves cleaning, washing his hands and brushing his teeth lately 👦🏼 Like, a lot. It’s odd, but no complaints here! Happy 2.5 years buddy!! IMG_9319


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